Hello, I'm Corey (@stackptr)


I'm a software engineer based in Berkeley, using JavaScript to build useful things for non-profits, startups, and educational initiatives. My current obsessions include React + Redux, d3.js, and WebGL.

When I’m not coding, you can find me riding my bike, backpacking, and hiking throughout the beautiful Bay Area. I am also fond of playing with synthesizers and hacking on electronics. Other interests of mine include literature, chess, design, coffee, locksport and Esperanto.

I currently work at Front Row, helping in the mission to ensure every student gets a world-class education. In the past I've served as Director of Technology with UPchieve and have taught computer science through TEALS. I am a member of Sudoroom, a hackerspace in Oakland, and volunteer with Bike East Bay, a local bike advocacy nonprofit. I am passionate about education, infrastructure, and the environment.

To get in touch, send me an or find me on Freenode under the alias mu.