Hello, I'm Corey (@stackptr)


I'm a software engineer based in Berkeley, using JavaScript to build useful things for non-profits, startups, and educational initiatives. My current obsessions include React + Redux, d3.js, and WebGL.

When I’m not coding, you can find me riding my bike, backpacking, and hiking throughout the beautiful Bay Area. I am also fond of playing with synthesizers and hacking on electronics. Other interests of mine include literature, chess, design, coffee, locksport and Esperanto.

I currently work at Freckle Education, helping to empower educators to reach every student at their level. In the past I've served as Director of Technology with UPchieve and have taught computer science through TEALS. I am a member of Sudoroom, a hackerspace in Oakland, and volunteer with Bike East Bay, a local bike advocacy nonprofit. I am passionate about education, infrastructure, and the environment.

To get in touch, send me an or find me on Freenode under the alias mu.